In honor of the manliest man ever to wield a toy robot.

Glimpse of the Past ( The only one you’re getting)

The bell rang for the last day of school, and the boy Jerry headed out of the classroom ahead of me. I took my time, making sure to talk to everyone one last time, trying to ingrain their faces in my head. Derek, who I had treated like a freak until Brayden had given me a well deserved slap in the face. Now while I was still a little awkward around him, we got along- which was better than before. Then Connor and Istvan and Erin, who had come from another elementary school that joined with our own. The joining was pretty smooth, thankfully- all the kids wanted to get along, and we did.

In the hallway I saw Jacob, Devon, Matthew, and Cashtian- a group of four boys who had been good friends since before I came. I waved to them as I passed, hugged and shook hands, then moved on. Daniel, Will, Ivan and Keegan were walking down the hallway as well, just laughing and talking with each other. The list went on, people I’d met and become friends with in the two years there. Teachers I’d had classes with and some I hadn’t, some of my sisters’ friends and the principal- the list went on and on.And then waiting outside of the school, on the edge of the playground, was Jerry.

Jerry, the boy of Asian birth who had become quite possibly my best friend in the two years we’d known each other- laughing, crying, playing, fighting in the middle of an endless snowfield and sledding down another with conflicts forgotten. We spent all our time together, since we both lived in a neighborhood less than a block away from the elementary school. Summers eating hot dogs and visiting waterfalls. Falls going to each others’ birthday parties and Halloween parties. Winters playing in the snow and slush, springs doing homework on the front lawn while our teacher walked his dogs. I daresay I trusted him with my life, and I didn’t doubt he felt the same.

We walked down the grassy hill towards our neighborhood together, reminiscing about the adventures and experiences we’d shared. And as we reached the street, across which lay Jerry’s house, we both made a final vow to meet up again, and to never forget.


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